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We are an engineering organization, specialised in the manufacture, marketing and sales of a wide range of products to the Power, Steel, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Chemical, Refinery, Man-made Fibre Industries and Oil Exploration Applications.

For more than 30 years, our professional and service oriented approach to all our customers, has made HS Group synonymous with trust and commitment to deliver superior quality products to dozens of Companies in India.

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Group Companies

HS Engineering & Marketing Services HS Engineering & Marketing Services  visit website
A professionally managed marketing organisation representing in India, more than 20 leading manufacturers from Europe, U.K, U.S.A and Japan catering to the requirements of the Fertilizers, Chemical, Petrochemical, Man-made Fibre, Refinery, Thermal and Nuclear Power Stations and Oil exploration applications.


Airoil-Flaregas (India) Ltd. Airoil Flaregas Pvt. Ltd.  visit website
Successfully providing Flare system solutions on a turnkey basis for almost three decades to various Refineries, Fertilizer plants and Petro-chemical industries.


Greens Combustion Ltd. Greens Combustion Ltd.  visit website
In 2015, Airoil Flaregas acquired Greens Combustion Limited (U.K.), a Company which has an international team of combustion specialists focussed on supporting burner and combustion equipment for the refinery, petrochemical and fertiliser industries. Greens Combustion offers a variety of burners and thermal oxidisers. They also offer services to optimise furnace operations.


TLT Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. TLT Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.  visit website
Established as a joint venture company with Turbo Lufttechnik GmbH, Germany (A member company of the German Babcock Group) manufactures a full range of centrifugal fans serving the Power, Steel, Petro-chemical, Refineries, Fertlizer industries.

The Company is a pioneer in offering turnkey solutions for setting up Gas Boosting Stations and Gas Mixing Stations. TLT’s services include design and engineering, procurement as well as erection and commissioning.


Horizon Polymer Engineering Ltd. Horizon Polymer Engineering Pvt. Ltd.  visit website
Manufactures PTFE/PFA, Kynar (PVDF) and Polypropylene (PP) Lined Pipes, Fittings, Valves and Pumps in Technical Collaboration, with sizes ranging from 1” to 12”.

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